bang bang your head

bang bang your head
what it must be like
to like nothing
like nobody likes me
I know it's all of great importance
like what's close and free

bang bang this thread
come and look see
that never really existed, didn't for me
left only ruins of what never was
but how could you just be
just because
I need you to see, for myself
it's always about me
the imaginable for the taking
the waiting for giving
forgiving but faking

bang bang so red
maybe this maybe that
just maybe you're crazy
claim you're now so deep into peace
a childhood so hazy
not enough skinned knees
the protector was working
is what was believed
inviting the devil to do as he pleased
knowledge comes by falling, not
being propped on the lap of disease

bang bang you're fed
on and on go the days
more sadly than quickly
with eyes stitched so neatly
and face looking sickly, you see
to those that follow, I can tell it this way
my heart was wide open and I let in a stray
the rewards of time go to those who use it
I must take this road, experience
makes it easier to choose it
the beat has stopped, the music ended
life has speeded, my head can be mended
later, it's much later
so we tend to our thoughts
with all the world around us
seeking what’s sought
again the sun rises, it's a new day

bang bang
go away