chatty laughter

the madness
gives an ear to
unreal conversation
you think me mad
but with you I laugh
all the way up from a giggle

oh, the happy times in my head
turn away if I disturb you
giveaway in a telling look
why not see him?

he's in his own mini world
yet he's alright

the journey seems to be
never ending awareness
but you, you've grown tired
at this time
no need to hear me laugh
reflection is better suited
lead me, leave me in the doorway
away from the humming man
my chatty laughter
turned upside down
into projected unexpected
humming, self absorbed
from the mini world
staring straight 
in the face
the condemned body


he keeps his money
a few dollars
inside a paper bag, in his front pocket
sanitary reasons
his teeth look nice
he is always with odor
no eyelets, on his shoes
no zipper
no back pocket, on jeans
no belt, because they have buckles
one never knows, what one can catch
from copper or brass
only a piece of string
twine, to hold up his disinfected jeans
‘mad sammy’ they call him
apparently, there’s no control
over the singing that he hears
inside his very private world
some may welcome the day
when they too can travel
to where the noise vanishes
from this land, long forsaken
by the creators and the wanderers
there is no easy entry
money, deejay and pants
remain optional